Our mission is to establish the framework for the delivery of sustainable, high quality, licensed childcare for every Estes Valley child 6 weeks to pre-K that is affordable irrespective of their individual family’s financial status. This committee will be complete when a facility, program and staff are funded and in place to deliver this level of childcare within our community.

Estes Valley Childcare Needs Assessment Report - February 2018

Estes Valley Childcare Needs Assessment Executive Summary - February 2018

Please join us on Tuesday, February 27th from 1:00 pm to 2:00 pm in the Hondius Room of the Estes Valley Library for a presentation and discussion concerning the Estes Valley Childcare Needs Assessment Report.  Estes Park EDC retained BBC Research of Denver to complete this study of childcare needs, and to make strategic recommendations for improving both access and the quality of childcare services.  

Next Steps Include:

  1.  A short term 90-day agenda of contacting each major government sponsored childcare initiative in Colorado to understand what they are doing, how they are funding their efforts and what success they are having. 
  2. A small group outreach program to reach as many residents as possible prior to the summer business season and have active open conversations on why childcare is so important, what the Needs Assessment tells us and what barriers we see to solutions.
  3. Holding a meeting with local organizations and stake holders to create focused action on recommendations identified in the Childcare Services Needs Assessment. 
  4. Identification of viable solutions and their associated funding sources. 

The Estes Park EDC Childcare Services Committee would like to thank Estes Valley Investing in Childhood Success (EVICS) for serving as the fiscal sponsor of the project, with staff and board members participating in the Committee’s efforts as well. 

The Childcare Needs Assessment project was made possible by the financial support of its sponsors, and Estes Park EDC thanks all of following community organizations:

Estes Park EDC                                                                           Visit Estes Park
Estes Park Housing Authority                                                      YMCA of the Rockies
Estes Valley R-3 School District                                                   Estes Valley Partners for Commerce
Estes Valley Recreation and Park District                                     Estes Area Lodging Association
EVICS                                                                                         Estes Valley Library District
The Town of Estes Park                                                                Families for Estes

Estes Park EDC especially thanks the Childcare Services Committee members for their persistence, hard work and thoughtfulness in pursuing the first Childcare Needs Assessment for the Estes Valley.

Committee members for the Needs Assessment process were:
Michael G. Moon, Chair                                                               Ex Officio participants: 
Charley Dickey, Vice-Chair                                                           Nancy Almond
Jose Almeida                                                                                  Jon Nicholas
Kristen Berg                                                                                   James H. Pickering
John Bryant                                                                                   Adam Shake
Courtney Hill
Travis Machalek
Tim McLemore
Judy Nystrom