Workforce Housing

People are at the heart of every economy, and businesses thrive in locations that attract and retain talented individuals and families.  Workforce Housing has become an important challenge in many of the most successful metropolitan areas, as well as in many mountain resort communities. 

In January of 2016, the Estes Park Housing Authority completed an Estes Park Housing Needs Assessment report, which demonstrates a large potential market, especially for rental units.  The report concluded that:

“Between 1,480 and 1,690 housing units are needed to address current workforce housing shortages and keep up with future demand. This averages about 300 to 340 units per year, which is well above the number of residential building permits issued during any one of the last five years.”

This Housing Needs Assessment quantifies current and future workforce housing needs in the Estes Park area, identifies where the market is not addressing those needs and provides recommendations on how those needs could be addressed.

Where applicable, it compares results to the 2008 Estes Valley Housing Needs Assessment which was conducted just prior to the recession, to understand how conditions have changed post recession and post flood. It answers questions such as how much, what type, and at which price points housing is needed to meet the needs of the local workforce. Information is presented on past trends, current conditions and housing needs projected through 2020.