Public Workforce Housing discussion on May 15

Two committees of the Estes Park EDC announced they will host a public meeting on workforce housing issues in the Estes Valley.  Estes Valley Partners for Commerce is proud to co-sponsor the forum.  The meeting will take place Monday, May 15 from 6:30 to 8:00 pm at the Town Hall Board Room, 170 MacGregor Avenue in Estes Park.  A panel of employers will discuss how the current workforce housing shortage is affecting their ability to provide services.  A second panel will discuss development code issues and how some code changes are needed to make sufficient affordable workforce housing projects a reality.

“Our workforce provides essential services that are needed by all of our residents,” said Diane Muno, chair of the Estes Park EDC Workforce Housing Committee.  “We want residents to have the opportunity to speak directly with major employers and businesses to understand the connection between workforce housing and essential services.” "Affordable and attainable housing is an issue that directly impacts many, if not all, of our members. The business community understands that its current and future success depends on our Estes Park's ability to adapt to the housing needs of necessary workforce,” said Kirby Nelson-Hazelton, EVPC Board President.

Members of the Estes Park EDC Commercial Development Code Committee, chaired by Greg Rosener, have provided professional input to the Planning Commission as it discusses proposed code changes to facilitate three-story apartment buildings within the multifamily residential RM-1 zoning areas. RM-1 zoning covers about 1.5 percent of the Estes Valley Development Code area.  “Hearing from architects, engineers and developers provides greater perspective on the importance of simplifying some code provisions while ensuring that the code balances our community’s objectives,” said Rosener. 

In addition to the two panels, Rita Kurelja, Director of the Estes Park Housing Authority, will summarize the findings of the 2016 Housing Needs Assessment, including its strategic recommendations.  Randy Hunt, Community Development Director for the Town of Estes Park will explain both proposed and adopted code changes that are aimed at addressing barriers to workforce housing.  There will also be time for questions and answers.