Colorado Business Podcast, Episode 2: Estes Park Angel Investor and Entrepreneur Gary Wayne Clark

In this episode of the Colorado Business Podcast, we welcome Gary Wayne Clark, a Venture Capitalist who founded three software companies and has years of experience in the health care, bio-tech, media and entertainment industries. Gary is heading up the Estes Park Angel Investors Group in Estes Park. In this episode, Gary talks about his history, what brought him to Estes Park Colorado and Angel Investing in Colorado. 

Colorado Business Podcast, Episode 1: Fullstack CEO Josh Cramer on Entrepreneurship and Colorado.

Josh Cramer, internet entrepreneur, Chief Technology Officer and Owner of Fullstack joins us for this episode of the Colorado Business Podcast.

Josh is an internet entrepreneur and social entrepreneur currently living in Estes Park, Colorado with his family and friends. Josh is founder and CEO of FullStack and co-founder / CTO of Chicago based marketing technology company, Adaptive Campaigns. Previously, Josh built and sold an Internet Service Provider company based in Coralville, IA. In addition to starting and growing these companies, Josh has acted as an advisor, mentor, and board member to numerous entrepreneurs and startups.

In this episode, Josh talks with us about everything from his humble beginnings on the internet  to the global shift in tech startups and what that means for tech industry in Colorado.