Why Are Healthy Communities Vital To a Sustainable Economy?

Communities have many different types of capital and financial, physical, political and economic capital are just a few. But one that deserves more attention is community health capital. Healthy places with great support systems have a huge impact on the economic health of a community. Community health creates a great place to own a business and supports a more desirable, productive and efficient workforce.

A healthy community is a place where mental and physical well-being is supported through connected social systems and is the foundation for achieving all other goals of the community. Good health is often seen as an individual thing - personal choice, no one else's business - and seen as expense to business. These two perspectives are completely counter to the idea of creating healthy community. Health at the community level in this country is taken for granted but you can't build a highly productive and innovative work force if it’s not healthy.

A desirable place to live and work means it will be sought after. A sought after place will have higher property values, more local community disposable income, more economic opportunity and prosperity. That is an economic advantage that community leaders, business owners and real estate developers should care deeply about. For businesses to survive and thrive, it is essential to nourish and cultivate human energy and support wellness of employees in all dimensions.

The Office of Economic Development and International Trade (OEDIT) defines health and wellness as comprehensive and inclusive circle of well-being, including: mental, spiritual, emotional, social, environmental, financial and physical aspects. When businesses integrate a holistic healthy lifestyle into their employee’s lives it is proven to influence:

·         Enhanced employee productivity

·         Reduced absenteeism

·         Reduction in medical costs

·         Increased employee retention and attraction

·         Elevated employee morale

·         Enhanced employee happiness and satisfaction

·         Heightened customer loyalty

·         Cultivate passion and culture of well-being.

For Colorado: For the Health of It! is a new health and wellness program administered by the Colorado SBDC Network. This program assists clients on how to integrate health and wellness into the backbone of their business, at any stage and of any size, to enhance business vitality. You can request a health and wellness consultation at https://www.coloradosbdc.org/consulting/health-and-wellness.

Estes Park Health also offers Wellness classes and is there to help you achieve your personal health goals and improve your well-being. This includes a variety of services, including health assessments, athletic performance testing, scientifically proven weight-loss programs and childbirth classes. More information can be found at https://eph.org/patients-visitors/wellness/