Hyk Presents on Converting Your Retail Experience for Success at Feb 6 Meetup 

Hyk Ben Ferguson Two January 2019.jpg

Ever wanted to aim your business toward improved sales and margins?  Ben Ferguson and his team at local retailer Hyk wanted to do just that and found a successful way to do it in just one year. The Estes Park Startup Meetup will feature Ferguson discussing the topic of “How to Convert Your Business to a Retail Experience for Success.”  The Startup Meetup will be held Wednesday, February 6 from 8 am to 9 am at Coffee on the Rocks, 520 Moraine Avenue in Estes Park.  If you are interested in connecting with entrepreneurs and creatives, please attend. 

Hyk was founded in 2018 to be “a single source for high quality outdoor apparel, equipment and footwear. Our desire is to bring the Mountain Lifestyle culture to wherever you call home.”  The Fergusons purchased Main Street Ts in 2014 and WesTees in 2015, later embarking on creating a contemporary mountain retail experience with Hyk.  Ben Ferguson is Hyk’s “Owner & Director of Other Things,” and wants to help other local business owners find their own niche for success.  Learn more at their website:  https://hyklife.com/

Startup Meetup attendees also briefly share their current business plans or activities and network during the meetings: what are you working on, and what do you need help with?  If you are interested in the Estes Park Startup Meetup, joining the group is free:   https://www.meetup.com/Estes-Park-Startup-Meetup/