As of Jan. 1 2016, the total sales tax rate in Estes Park town limits is 8.55 percent. 

Town - 5.0%

State - 2.9%

County - 0.65%

The Town of Estes Park is a statutory municipality and; therefore, does not collect its own sales tax. The Town's portion is received approximately 45 days from the date it is paid to the Colorado Department of Revenue and is posted to the month in which it is received. Retail sales tax licenses may be obtained and sales tax payments remitted through the Colorado Department of Revenue online. 

Local Marketing District Tax Information

Voters approved an Estes Park Local Marketing District 2% lodging tax in 2008 to be administered through all lodging properties, regardless of size, on stays shorter than 30 days.  Lodging Sales Tax collections are remitted to the state of Colorado Department of Revenue. For more information, follow this link to Visit Estes Park.